Jasmine Spa






Swedish Massage
This full body massage is a staple at Jasmine Spa. The techniques used in this treatment promote deep relaxation, increased circulation and full mind and body stress relief.
30 Minutes-$35.00 60 Minutes-$65.00 80 Minutes-$95.00

Deep Tissue Massage
Stress, tension and pain often lodge themselves in ones body. Using a series of strokes, pressure and kneading, our therapist relaxes muscle tension, relieves pain and stimulates the release of toxins through this treatment. Please indicate the areas of your body that require special attention and your preference for pressure so we can best meet your needs.
30 Minutes-$35.00 50 Minutes-$65.00 80 Minutes-$95.00

Jasmine Signature Massage
Our therapists have collaborated to create our signature massage blending elements of hot stone, aromatherapy and Swedish massage to conjure up images of relaxing barefoot on a sailboat cruising the waterway to tropical destinations.
60 Minutes-$65.00 80 Minutes-$95.00

Skillfully designed full-body therapy and aromatic essential oils massage away tension and stress. Customized to meet your physical and mental needs, this restorative experience includes aromatherapy with Swedish massage to help calm the mind and elevate the spirit.
30 Minutes-$35.00 60 Minutes-$65.00 90 Minutes-$95.00

Hot Stone Massage
This full body massage is the ultimate for tired, sore muscles. Enjoy the sensations of warm stones as they melt away your aches and pains.
30 Minutes-$35.00 50 Minutes-$65.00 80 Minutes-$95.00

Cellulite Massage
This Massage is perfect to relax the muscles and refine the appearance of the skin. An invigorating cellulite oil is applied on the clients problem area’s and specialty draining massage techniques are used to remove toxins and further smooth and firm the skin. The result is skin that is detoxified and glowing.
25 Minutes-$59.00 50 Minutes-$105.00 80 Minutes-$158.00

A complete body massage available during the second and third trimester using specific pre-natal techniques to increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles and reduce water retention.
25 Minutes-$59.00 50 Minutes-$105.00