Jasmine Spa




European Facial
The European facial will benefit all skin types including sensitive. The Babor cosmetics chosen by your esthetician will help sooth and calm irritated skin while balancing lipid levels and protecting against free radical damage. Circulation is increased and lines and age spots diminished bringing about a beautiful healthy glow.
30 Minutes-$35.00 50 Minutes-$65.00 80 Minutes-$95.00

Jasmine Signature
The Jasmine Signature facial is an ultimate balancing facial for restoring beauty and rejuvenating the skin. Experience the energy of asian hot stones transferring a healing energy along with botanical rich aromatic oils enhances the feeling of well being. This treatment regenerates the skin and promotes vitality.
50 Minutes-$75.00 80 Minutes-$105.00

Oxygen Restore
The Energizing Oxygen treatment is for dull and tired skin in need of an energy boost. This facial utilizes cerasome oxygen and perflourdecaline which acts as a carrier for the oxygen. Thioyine is also an ingredient utilized in the facial and improves the energy supply to the skin; thus providing the skin with a radiant glow.
60 Minutes-$75.00 90 Minutes-$105.00

Calm and Detoxifying Facial
The Calm and Detoxifying facial is appropriate for skin types ranging from sensitive, to extremely sensitive. This facial protects and softens the skin using products without preservatives or parabens. The client’s skin feels relieved and calmed reducing inflammation. The 80 minute treatment offers a vitamin enriched boost to sensitive, stressed skin, for the ultimate detoxifying vitamin enriched treatment.
50 Minutes-$75.00 80 Minutes-$105.00

Anti-Aging Treatments

Collagen Booster Treatment
The Collagen Booster treatment is an intense workout for the connective tissue. This treatment builds up and firms the skin’s structure in three different ways. First, the collagen bio matrix weaves new collagen fibers and strengthens the connective tissue. Second, the collagen bio matrix thoroughly hydrates the skin and has a smoothing effect. Third, the manual stimulation in this treatment increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the skin’s tissues.
90 Minutes-$115.00

High Skin Refiner Facial
The High Skin Refiner facial is an intense lifting and firming facial. Tripeptides protect collagen and elastin fibers against enzymatic degradation. The multitendyn complex, formulated from soybeans and pea proteins, strengthen the skin’s elasticity, minimizes the depth of lines and increases the skins moisture content. During this treatment a silky haze of relaxation will envelope you while the skin becomes visibly more youthful.
60 Minutes-$85.00 90 Minutes-$115.00

HSR (High Skin Refining) Deep Lift Facial
This is an extremely intense lifting facial. This treatment is based on the 4-dementional deep lift concept. One: opening, intense opening of the skin down to the dermis. Two: activation and training, optimizing the density, firmness and structure of the collagen and elastin fibers. Three: targeted delivery and firming, via special massage and application techniques where ingredients are perfectly placed into the skin. Four: tensing and strengthening, via a specialized mask to achieve the desired lifting effect.
100 Minutes-$150.00

Gentlemen’s Facials

Gentleman’s Hot Towel Facial
This facial will benefit all types of skin including sensitive. The combined ingredients in the Babor Men and Babor Men Couture products will help soothe and calm irritated skin while balancing lipid levels and protect against free radical damage. Circulation is increased and lines and age spots are diminished. This facial can be catered to the needs of the athlete or the business man.
60 Minutes-$65.00 90 Minutes-$95.00

Siberian Lager Facial
This facial treatment is customized for men. This treatment uses the finest hops from Siberia to regenerate and renew the skin. Taurine and Siberian ginsing speed up the cell’s activity creating a youthful completion. This pampering facial is offered with a bison horn neck and shoulder massage, a cleansing with the finest goat hair brushes and a stress relieving scalp massage.
50 Minutes-$84.00 80 Minutes-$128.00

Doctor Babor Skin Renewal Treatment
The Doctor Babor Skin Renewal treatment is utilized on skin in need of regeneration such as; blemished skin, enlarged pores, pigment marks, pigmentation disorders, fine lines, wrinkles or dull complexion. Utilizing a 30% glycolic acid your first layers of skin are peeled away revealing a brighter and transformed complexion. For sever problem skin, you will want a regime of one peel every other week for eight weeks. This is an intense treatment and perfect for the client looking for more intense solutions to there skin concerns. 80 Minutes-$160.00